Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Observations from the Welsh Invasion of Washington DC - Part 3

This Ariel. Ariel comes from Patagonia. He came to Washington as a specialist in herbal remedies and other such things. Sitting behind the cooking tent with Ariel and Chef Anthony Evans one day Ariel shared a couple health remedies with us involving onions and lemons.

Ariel looked at me and said, "Now you learn." He ran into the cooking tent and returned with an onion and a knife. As you can see he cut an onion in half. What he did next was squeeze some onion juice into a spoon. Then he tilted his head back, and poured the onion juice in his left nostril. He did this with his right nostril. I guess this is a remedy for clogged sinuses, and is supposed to be good for you. Hmmmm....

Anthony Evans is a chef who specializes in cooking game he catches. I suggested that as a adventurer type he needed to try this remedy. He declined. I am not sure why.

After about ten minutes of recovery, and some snorting, Ariel said, "Now, you learn again." This time he went into the cooking tent and emerged with a lemon. After cutting the lemon - well you can see what he did here. As I understand it, lemons in the eye are a good thing to cleanse your eyes, and keep them fresh.

So, here's to Ariel Grant Hughes the agronomy engineer from Patagonia. You're the man Ariel!

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