Thursday, April 10, 2008

Looking Ahead to St. David's Day 2009

This blog has been set up for the purpose of putting Wales and the patron saint - St. David on the map. I came up with a crazy idea, and have spoken to a number of Welsh friends, to the General Consul of the British Consulate in Boston Philip Budden, and to the head of Marketing and Media for the Welsh Office of the First Minister in New York City. So far, the idea appears to have legs, and I am looking for more crazy people to join me on Sunday, March 1st 2009 in Boston to pray like Saint David supposedly prayed - standing in the river waist deep!

That's right standing in the river waist deep in frigid New England. Why? 1) To get as many crazy Welshmen, monastics, and Celtophiles to jump in the river with me and celebrate Saint David's Day like David might appreciate, 2) to get the press to show up for this insane moment which looks like a blend of the Polar Bear Club, monastic asceticism, and Saint Patrick's Day, and 3) to put Wales, the Welsh patron saint, and this Welsh national holiday on the map in the US,(maybe beyond?), and 4) to hang out at the pub following the icy prayer event with good friends.

If you are interested contact me at

I am looking for crazy people who want to have fun, and want to help with the promotion of Wales and the Welsh language.

Please keep watching. We will be planning a Saint David's Day Feast on this day as well.