Thursday, January 1, 2009

Saint David's Day Dunk Boston Location?

As preparations for Dunkin' Like David continue we went to the beach looking for the best spot. Here is our first thought: Revere Beach. Revere beach is a stop on the Blue Line coming up from Boston towards the North Shore. It is a close drive down the 1A for those coming from the North Shore. It is a nice smooth sandy beach. There are some restaurants and pubs nearby.

John Harding did a photo shoot of me standing at Revere Beach preparing for Saint David's Day. It was 19ºF out this evening, but I had to look like I was ready for Saint David's Day. So here I am throwing off my coat below.

Next week, on Saturday, January 10 we will be going in the water to create a promo video of the event. Would you like to be in the promo video? It should be 32º according to the weather reports - potentially with some light snow, and we will be doing a test plunge in front of the William G. Reinstein bandstand at Revere Beach at 4pm.

Well here's the 19º shots on Revere Beach. Watch for the shivering bathing beauties on this blog after our promo video on January 10th.


IZenBet said...

i have an issue with revere beach, this past summer 11 needles washed up on the shore. granted its winter and they're washed out to sea right now, but i don't want to contract hepatitis for the sake of st david!

Pastor Phil said...

Hey Liz,

Let's consider alternate locations for sure. I am aiming at most convenient and easily accessible to resources nearby as well.

Welshwalker said...

Pob lwc i chi from all of us on the committee of the National St.David's Day Parade in Cardiff.
Keep in touch with us at